How To Win Clients And Influence Markets with valuation

We have technical experts providing input to that and will then you know obviously have to bring that through into the economic analysis okay just curious to know what was the highest valuation that your company did in terms of value and maybe you could tell us a bit about you know why you came out to that value-how.

that you got a league table of highest but the some of the biggest ones will have been Brian valuation supporting really big corporate transactions so you know where companies buy another business they have separately value the identifiable intangible assets to report them there on the balance sheet they can just put everything in all the intangibles inland under goodwill so for instance when SABMiller brought theMeruin company that was several billion dollars worth of brand value I’ve done a.

Lot of valuation work for shell so this is in full financial reporting anything it was for internal management purposes and that was looking at you know significant aspects for instance the brand in the chemical business the rand and the retail fuel business and other areas so some obviously some some massive valuations on that front but those one all Confidential’s I can’t it.

The actual dollar and I ‘ve done valuation work for Petrova actually in the retail business within Malaysia so that was primarily focused in on brand and as you’d imagine and the Petronas brand worth a great deal okay more specifically looking to.

My earlier question something that has not been commercialised yeah you know technology or that that you know it is based on the income yeah income-based method that youyou okay the one hour I’ll use it as an example it’s it’s not specific to the bigness of it but it’s so it’s a massive big mining company one of the biggest mining companies globally they’d had a big R&D project looking at.

A particular area of technology that spent more than million u.s. dollars on developing this technology they then sold all four particular subsidiaries and they didn’t really need that anymore so they’d kind of moth all the whole R&D team a lot of the team had been involved in that’d let the company but they were still left with an international several pattern families international filing.

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