What Can Instagramm Teach You About valuation

we control that and we generate through the cash flows to to take that next step into what what we’re trying to do in building wealth for a client where that often comes up listeners as a hindsight-player where people which they’ve done some things differently is when you own a principal place of residence your owner occupied dwelling which is in investment-grade area and when you want to upgrade downsize move and you make the decision that the existing house that you live in makes for a great investments you’re often left with the dilemma because you’ve been paying off.

The loan as Property Valuer much as you possibly which is a good thing in you know in principle but then you want to go by and you probably but keep the property that’s performed well but you’ve got dead on because you paid it off quite often people say well if I leverage against that one that has no debt and buys my new principal place of residence is that deductible and answer is you need to talk to an accountant for generally speaking it need to be it’s got a farm past these purpose test what’s the intent of the line and if the intent of the loans for private purpose it’s not deductible what Ben just described then is really important to understand because if you are a long-term proper accumulator you have a buy and hold position and you’re looking to build a portfolio doing what Ben just said before about parking your cash under your control and offset account will pay dividends when you make the choice change your residence at some point in future, yeah so Bryce has mentioned another podcast it’s about saying you’re just dealing with one bank and they’ve said you’ve hit your maximum-borrowing capacity.

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